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The Tribune Shat named Pratt said this on twitter:

Gregory Pratt


Apr 3

To anyone talking about moving out of Chicago because of tomorrow’s election results: I’d be glad to come help you get your PlayStation out of your mom’s basement

What this idiot doesn't get is it's not those people who would be moving out but the actual taxpayers themselves. I paid quite a bit in taxes and hired many people during my time in Chicago but was driven out by crime and taxes - along with my money and those jobs. Clueless idiots like him aren't as big as the main reasons I moved out of Chicago/Illinois but I am glad that hacks like him now have to foot the large tax burden I left behind. I just hope that he gives his future thieves (those in government and those from the streets) his "fair share" when it's his turn in the crime line.

PS -- Maybe there should be a "Hey Jackass!" awards show with nominations for stupidity like his.

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Good luck with your new Mayor. Worse than your previous Mayor. Maybe 800+ in 2023.

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Socialism in the former Great City

Of Chicago. Blacks and Jews

Thanks for nothing.

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Secession for the NWSI is a possibility, with the new political entity called North Chicago. The city can’t fire its workforce, so they’ll have to negotiate. What about annexation by Norridge, Harwood Heights, and Elmwood Park or some future union thereof? South Siders must have the same idea, but I have no idea what the bordering suburbs down there are. On my mental city map, it’s where the sea serpents are. Perhaps Upper and Lower Caucasia can merge politically. All I really know is that white professionals and hipsters won the election for Johnson. They are the enemy within. I’d like to carjack a few of them just for pleasure.

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Display all Chicago flags with black streamers or black bows as a sign of mourning.

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Police resignations are limited to those that want to live.

Dey jus doin wat dey do

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As was noted, Chiraq will become another Detroit. It is also worth noting, Detroit never recovered. Meanwhile, if you guys manage to survive the mayhem, keep reporting on the latest stupidity trends. "People Get The Government They Deserve". For Chicago, this is sad but true.

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